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First Step Fascia Fitness

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$ 29.95
First Step Fascia Fitness

This workout features a lot of comprehensive, compound muscle activation during movement, along with focus on fascia stretching during each exercise.  The sequence is designed to optimize lymphatic circulation, as well as progressively balance muscle imbalance. Additional stimulation of left brain/right brain communication is done throughout the workout from head to fingertips and toes.  


More Than A Workout Seminar DVD: During this 90 minute seminar, Teresa Tapp explains how and why her T-Tapp Method of muscle and fascia activation is so effective with only one set of 8 repetitions or less and how T-Tapp Workouts progressively improve strength, flexibility, aerobic fitness and bone density without equipment or impac

For optimal results it is recommended to start with either FIRST STEP 1+2 or FIRST STEP 3+4  before this workout.

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