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40 "Short and Sweet" Recorded Class Package Sale - Renee McLaughlin

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$ 88.20
40 "Short and Sweet" Recorded Class Package Sale - Renee McLaughlin

Don't have a lot of time in your day for a workout but can squeeze in at least 15 minutes a few times a week?  How about some "short and sweet" classes that will help you crank your metabolism in a minimal amount of time?


Science is now showing that longer workouts (especially when they are intense) can actually sabotage your inch loss results.  They can create inflammation and lots of free radical damage.  They can also be stressful and it's that stress that creates belly fat.  


Blast your stress and belly fat with these short but effective workouts!!!


You know T-Tapp WORKS! But it requires consistency and good form!  Use this Recorded Class package and put both those tips on your side.  You'll have tons of shorter classes (they are all different) so you don't get bored and just by following along in these classes, you'll find your form improving quickly!!!!


What all do you get???


You'll get 10 fifteen( 15)  minute classes, 3 twenty (20) minute classes, 19 thirty (30) minute classes,  2 chair workouts, 4 floor workouts (a few are a little longer than 30 minutes but jam packed with great stuff) 4 walking workouts and 1 50 minute combo class that you can break up into 30 minutes standing and 15 minutes floor.  That's 40 classes that are 30 minutes or less!!!! 




How long do you have access to the classes?


Once you register for this package, Renee will send you an email with the link and password to access all the classes.  You just click the link, enter the password and you're in.  You don't even need a camera.  Just an internet connection and a devise to watch the classes on.  You watch them just like you would a youtube video.  Super simple, easy and convenient!!!



COST:  This 40 "Short and Sweet" Recorded Class package is normally $185.   But during this holiday season, this package is discounted to $147!!!  This is just $3.60 a class!!!!  


Now you can be consistent, have a ton of variety, get great results and do it all in minimum time!  Gotta love it...This package will give you Max benefits in min time!


Not sure if these classes really help you get the results you've seen others get???  


Here are just a few of many positive responses we've gotten from people taking these classes...


“I wanted to thank you so much for your recorded class package..  They have made such an awesome difference in my life that I've got to give you an unsolicited testimonial.  Let me start at the beginning.  I had been trying T-Tapp for a couple of years, but the most I could say about the experience is that I felt better after the workouts, though there was no real inch loss.  I couldn't figure out why, and thought that perhaps the results were for everyone else, but not me.  I was on the verge of giving up when I stumbled upon your coaching package on the T-Tapp website and figured that I'd give it one last try.  

I signed up at the beginning of April and was only able to do the recorded classes because of the hectic schedule that I keep.  Immediately, I saw that I was doing the exercises wrong.  Not just wrong, but very wrong.  And the issue is that I am short rib-to-hip and long knee-to-ankle.  The short rib-to-hip distance causes me to come untucked quite easily unless I keep focused on that aspect of the exercise.  And the long knee-to-ankle causes me to bend my knees too far out, going way beyond KLT if I don't pay close attention.  I would not have figured this out had I not purchased the package of classes, and I would have been continually discouraged at the lack of results.

Fast forward 30 days and I am so excited to tell you that for the first time ever, I lost 8 inches and I feel great.  The reason this loss is significant is because the loss was in the stubborn areas of my body, which are the abdomen, hips, and thighs.  The other reason this is significant is because I did not change my eating habits at all.  And all I did was three thirty-minute workouts each week.  Nevertheless, your superb instruction gave me the results I was looking for and all I can say is....THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! 



“I want to tell you how much I'm enjoying your classes. I'm learning so much. Not only am I starting to feel like I'm approaching better T-Tapp form, but I've definitely learned that there are better ways to do T-Tapp than I'd ever imagined.” TC

“I lost 5.75 inches this past week. That includes another 2 inches off my waist! That's an inch loss of 21.5 inches in three weeks. I am feeling stronger and more muscular in spots. I keep surprising myself at things I can do whereas before I felt too weak.

“I cannot tell you how excited I am with the lower body changes. I have lost easily from my upper body, generally speaking. But my hips have been impossible in the past, as have my thighs and calves. They have driven me nuts. I really think it is all the fabulous floor work we've been doing. I love it. Please don't ever stop the floor class. LOL.  Yes, my posture is improved, no doubt. And I am struck by the change in my shoulders. I have noticed things fitting differently in the neckline - shoulder, but I can see it in the pictures. I assume much of that is due to holding myself up on the floor.   I am so excited to continue on with your classes”



The results that have eluded me for so many years with T-Tapp were because my form was all wrong, and I worst of all; I didn't know it. Fast forward to October of this year. I decided to go back to the basics of T-Tapp, which is do a boot camp. I enrolled in Renee's boot camp in October and I have been hooked ever since. I am "slow to lose", yet I see positive changes in my torso, thighs, pecs and jawline. Coming from my critical self, noticing these changes is huge! I can attest to the power of this boot camp, Renee's incredible teaching ability, this incredible T-Tapp exercise....and I can attest to the power of "showing up"! For the first time in my life, I have "shown up" on a consistent basis, Dreaming about results did not get me results. "Showing up" is working.


I, too, am slow to lose. But FINALLY I can see some changes in my trunk, and just above my knees. The tweaking of movement that Renee does is incredible. Tally ho!!

“This is only the morning of Day 5, but my belly button measurement is down 3 inches! 3 inches! My stomach is getting flatter daily! I've also lost a half inch from my arms, upper chest measurement and hips. The live/online workouts are pushing me in such a positive way. With your helpful eyes on me (it is like being in your studio), I don't want to stop (even when tired). And your form prompts as we go are so helpful. I am feeling so many muscles at once, with each move. And the heat! Wow. On my own, I have never activated so many at one time. And amazingly, I'm not feeling very sore afterward. I'm thrilled to be feeling this energetic and happy. I truly feel like I can do this. (And this is only Day 5!) My health and size goals are reachable! If anyone is wondering if Renee's Bootie Camps are a good investment --- they ARE! This is the best money I think I have ever spent on myself (and I have done every diet and fitness program under the sun).“  LC

“I didn't take pictures or measurements when I started this chapter as I have a huge collection of "before" photos and measurements but not as much follow through.  I sold myself short. You really have such a knack for this! The way you eased into each day and were so very supportive and never critical, it's super motivating. My clothes are fitting better and the scale has moved in the direction I'd like for the first time in weeks! “ Kris

“Awesome, awesome, awesome...can't thank you enough! Great to join you live this afternoon and I'm hoping to catch another live one tomorrow! This has really been so incredibly helpful, and man was I sweating today!!! “ KB

“This is so awesome!  Right now, it looks like I will be unable to do any of the live classes, with 1 possibility for a Sat AM class   However - I am LOVING the recorded ones. I didn't measure myself before starting last week, but I know that there are definite changes, especially through the trunk of my body.  My mobility, in general, is improved - my upper arms actually feel like they belong to me :)    - and I am more aware of my posture. This is going to be the best October EVER!”  Marie

“I went to measure this morning and can't find the paper I wrote my measurements on - too funny! Oh, well, it really doesn't matter as I am feeling much better in myself and the jeans I wore to work today closed up easier [no tugging or pulling :-) ] and my belt went to the next hole (one more notch and it will be what it was in my "other" life, when I was an expat).  I keep raving about you and your classes; I'm sure my work colleagues and friends are ready to tape my mouth shut! ;-)”  Laurie

“I'm so excited about this offering.  I love the shorter workouts and variety (I agree 20 minutes isn't quite enough because I love the stretching).  I have to share my 7 day inch loss.  I lost 19 inches in 7 days!!!!!!  2 in my abs, 1.5 in waist and hips!!!!  Unbelievable”  Kathy

“First off I want to say a HUGE thank you for the online classes; I absolutely LOVE them. As you said, it makes such a difference being in a class as opposed to doing a DVD. I push myself much more and I have learned SO MUCH about form it is amazing!”  Lori

“This came along JUST when I needed it. The daily class has served to anchor my day while I deal with the chaos of the move and trying to work, and are giving me the foundation I needed to start rebuilding my physical, mental and emotional strength. It's also ironic, because so many of your tips turn out to be things I'd started doing anyhow . What's that famous saying about the teacher appearing when the student is ready?”  Betty

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