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Monday Moves with Trisch Recorded Class Packages!

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$ 25.00
Monday Moves with Trisch Recorded Class Packages!


Ever wish you could split up a workout without having to jump through the dvd or streaming video?!


Last fall I started having weekly classes for my Beautiful YOU online program with the intention of splitting up workouts to make it easier for you to just push play and DO it!



Now you can purchase a package of just these 8 “Monday Moves” classes!



Package 1 includes:


  • 4 classes splitting up Teresa's Favorite Fascia Stretch on the Floor (classes are 11 to 21 minutes)
  • 4 classes focusing on Broom Walking Workout (classes are 8 to 12 minutes)



Both of these workouts are digital and available in the Digital T-Tapp Store.  The classes splitting Teresa's Favorite Fascia Stretch are longer due to the required order of stretches.




Package 2 includes:


  • 8 classes focusing on 3-4 moves from the MORE 1 (also called MORE Rehab) workout.



Most classes are around 10 minutes or less.



Or go for Package 3—ALL 16 CLASSES!



These classes are straight through—a bit slower than the dvd/digital but not instructional level.  While I will give cues and some instruction, owning the workout is recommended if you need more instruction, or you can purchase my Beautiful Basics class package for Teresa's Favorite Fascia Stretch/Broom Walking Workout or for MORE Workout for more in-depth instruction.  All classes are recorded—you can access them at your convenience!



It's been 12 years since I started T-Tapp and 7 years since I became a T-Tapp Trainer!  So I have some SUPER special “Tappiversary” pricing!




Package 1:  8 classes total-- $25!  (Regularly $37)


Packge 2:    8 classes total—$25!   (Regularly $37)


Package 3—ALL 16 classes!  $37!  (Regularly $67)



Monday Moves with Trisch classes are available for purchase through February 28, 2019.  You will get 2 months' access to the classes.  Please plan to start your classes by July 1, 2019. Once you purchase, please send me your confirmation e-mail when you are ready to start your classes and I will send access information.  Classes will be available in a membership area at Teachable.   You can contact me at trisch@beyouthfulnfit.com



Please note—these video classes are streaming, not downloads.  You will need internet access to take access the classes.  Price does not include the dvd or streaming workout purchase. 

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