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December 2019 Online Personal Training with Tracey Kiesling

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$ 60.00
December 2019 Online Personal Training with Tracey Kiesling

No trainer in your area?  NO PROBLEM!

~Looking for more muscle activation, but not sure how to proceed?

~Have questions about movement but no trainer available?

~Want to take your workout to a higher level with personal training?

Working one on one with a T-Tapp trainer can make ALL of the difference! Maximize your time and schedule and get the most out of your workout by planning a personal Skype session with me! I'll come "right into your home" and  bring your workout to another level by checking your form bit by bit as we move along.

Four options available:

1 session:  $60
2 sessions: $115
3 sessions: $150


Each time you refer someone to my Skype training event, and they sign up for 3 sessions, YOU get a FREE 30-minute session!

Sessions are 45 minutes long and expire 1 month from date of purchase and expire sequentially in the case of multiple sessions. Ideally, you may want to do 1 session/week if you buy more than one session.

Trainer:  Tracey Kiesling

Contact:  tracey@t-tapp.com

Notes:  You must have a Skype account, and if you are not familiar with using Skype, you may want to practice with a friend first. Please wear comfortable, form-fitting workout clothing and stable athletic shoes. You will need water and possibly a notebook and pen to make notes of our sessions! Once you have purchased the sessions, I will contact you with further instructions.


I understand that plans change and things come up. There is no charge fee up to 72 hours prior to scheduled session. There is a $25 cancellation or change fee less than 72 hours in advance to 24 hours prior. Under 24 hours or same day change or “no show” is non-refundable and non-transferable.



"When the doctor asks “Do you exercise regularly?” my answer, for the first time ever, is going to be “YES”.  And the reason is  totally T-Tapp!  The premise and the wisdom behind exercising the T-Tapp way simply made sense, so the discipline and desire to exercise has come easily.   When Tracey said that this was a no-impact work-out, she immediately caught my attention!  The main consideration in a workout program was finding one that would not aggravate an ever-present neck and back issue, so “no impact”sounded ideal!  At Tracey’s suggestion, I went onto the T-Tapp website and previewed some of the exercises.  This only strengthened the validity of it.  After trying some of the “Try before you buy” exercises, it was evident that, as simple as the exercises looked, there was so much more to them.  The proof was in the Hoe Downs!  (I should say “attempt” at Hoe Downs…..that neurokinetic function hadn’t kicked in yet!)  Although excessive weight gain has never been a major issue, the figure on the scales was slowing climbing, and the mid-riff jelly roll jiggle was really getting irritating.  In the online preview alone,  it  was evident that there was the potential for achieving the conditioning results hoped for besides losing some of the jiggle! Getting started was easy because we are so fortunate to have a certified T-Tapp instructor right here in our small town!Never having T-Tapped before, I have appreciated and truly enjoyed every group session Tracey has held.  Going home with a basic understanding of the mechanics of each exercise has been a good foundation for being able to do the exercises at home.  I believe, however, that what has helped the most is the one-on-one personal sessions that Tracey has offered.  It  was through her observations as I  exercised that  she could analyze my technique,  making specific adjustments so that each movement was made safely, correctly and more effectively.   She listened as I have told her of my physical limitations then suggested points to consider throughout the workout so that it was suited to my own personal needs.  Her constructive suggestions have helped me fine tune so that I can reap the most benefit from the time  I  spend  exercising.   Her  suggestion  of  exercising  in  front  of  a  mirror  has  resulted  in  some  of  the  biggest improvements because simultaneously seeing and feeling the muscles that are being activated by each move has really helped the neurokinetic connection!   Throughout all of the time spent both in group sessions and on a personal level,Tracey has been warm, encouraging, respectfully firm, and genuinely wanting the best results for each of us.  She and T-Tapp have truly been the answer to a prayer!

The results after almost 8 weeks of consistent workouts….. No adverse affects on neck and back….in fact, with the balanced conditioning and strengthening of the back and shoulder muscles, there is less muscle tension in the neck!  What a welcome relief!  Improved core and structural muscle strength for better endurance and posture.  Seeing muscle definition and tone is rewarding, too! 10 inches (including some of that jelly roll!) and 2 dress sizes gone.  That’ll put a smile on anyone’s face! A feeling of well-being that comes from knowing that steps toward a healthier lifestyle are being taken and improvements are being made!Unexpected results: Desire to eat healthier foods. Improved digestive regularity. In conjunction with improved lymphatic drainage and Dry Skin Body Brushing:  softer, healthier skin. Thank you, Tracey, for your hard work and selfless, enthusiastic desire to see others succeed at being healthy!And thanks to Teresa, also!  Because she took the “positive of a negative situation” and coupled it with an amazing work ethic and God-given insight, a multitude of people including myself have had a new lease on life!" ~~ Jan

"One of my blessings is becoming involved with Tracey Kiesling and T-Tapp. I had some special issues in my ankles and hips, due to some horse-related incidents. I started about 10 months ago and it has been great for my life. Since T-Tapp I have lost inches, regained muscle strength, reduced my pain, and over all, just feel better.I have done traditional workouts and not received the positive outcome that comes from T-Tapp.I participated in Tracey's group class, saw results, and enjoyed the class. I also did personal training with Tracey that was so beneficial. We worked hard, but it felt so good afterwards. Her personal training sessions are the cheapest health insurance you can buy! Tracey puts her whole heartland soul into every session. It's not a job to her; it is her passion and calling. I thank you, Tracey, from the bottom of my heart!" ~~ Stacey

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