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Fun on the Floor Recorded Class Package!

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$ 79.00
Fun on the Floor Recorded Class Package!

Fun on the Floor Recorded Class Package!

14 SHORT (12 -32 minutes) Fun Floor classes that WILL whittle your middle and melt your side saddles while having fun!

Why SHORT Workouts?

#1 - Because let’s face it…you know you need to get some movement and you’d really love to be able to lose some of that extra fluff, but darn it, you just don’t have much time to devote to YOU!  This has been the consistent battle cry from our T-Tappers!! 

If you can carve out 12 minutes in your day, then this class package is for YOU!

#2 – Short workouts are EFFECTIVE!  As T-Tappers, we know LESS IS MORE!  When you are doing intelligent, mindful movement, you don’t need to do MORE to get the results you want.

#3 –Long, intense workouts cause inflammation, adrenal fatigue, resistant belly fat and a grouchy mood!  Who wants to do all that work for less results???  STOP THE INSANITY!!!  Join the “LESS IS MORE” club and start getting the results you are looking for. 

WHY Floor Workouts?

#1  - They allow you to focus on working those core muscles without worrying about maintaining your balance while standing. 

#2 - You can usually do them even if you have foot, ankle, knee or hip issues. 

# 3 – These classes give you an opportunity to connect with your core muscles in a whole new way.  They focus on learning how to gain more connection and movement in your pelvis, loosening up those tightly held hip flexors, psoas and even the muscles in your lower back. 

Once you are able to connect and loosen these up, then you’ll find yourself strengthening those “hard to get to” lower belly and back muscles.  Good bye lower back pain and hello tighter bellies!

#4 - They are fun!!!!  In several of these classes, we use a 9” exercise ball ( you can get it at Walmart or Amazon for less than $8) to help support your back, open up in your rib-cage and chest, improve your balance, work on muscle imbalance and increase the FUN Factor!!!


BTW…These are all NEW Floor classes.  If you have any of my other recorded class packages, you won’t find these in any of them.  That doesn’t mean you won’t see some of your favorite T-Tapp moves though. Like the Ladybug, critter crunch and extended linear stretch.  Or how about Awesome Legs but doing them using the ball!!  (YES YOU CAN!)


Check out what you get in this Fun on the Floor recorded class package…

  • 12 minute Ball Class
  • 15 minute Ball Class
  • 16 minute all T-Tapp moves Class
  • 16 minute Class using a cushion under hips if needed
  • 19 minute Ball Class
  • 20 minute Ball Class

(1) 21 minute Ball Class

(2)  22 minute Ball Class

(1)  23 minute Ladybug Class

(1)  27 minute Ball Class

(1) 32 minute Call Class

 (1) 46 minute COMBO with Ball (to give you a little more variety) Class


PLUS 3 BONUS classes!!!! 

 3 short Floor Stretch classes (20, 22 and 24 minute classes) you can use to help relax and release all those tight muscles!!!  GREAT to use on your “off workout” days!


Cost:  $79.00 ON SALE Now for Just $59.00 

YES YOU CAN keep these classes!  But only on one condition…You actually open them up and DO THEM!!!! 

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