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Fabulously Fit Webcam Session Sale with Trainer Trisch - Now through September 30

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$ 25.00
Fabulously Fit Webcam Session Sale with Trainer Trisch - Now through September 30

Fabulously Fit Webcam Session Sale with Trainer Trisch!


Need a form check, but no trainer nearby?!  No problem!


Webcam sessions are a great way to bring a trainer into your home without either of us having to drive!  Plus you get to participate in the comfort of your home!


Working with a trainer even for a short 20 minute session can make all the difference--often it's a small tweak that yields the results you've been looking for!


You can also dissect a move you are having a hard time with—I can demonstrate different angles, slow it down so you understand what is happening in the move and I can share tips to get even more muscle activation and supercharge it!



Trainer:  Trisch Richardson

Contact info:  trisch@beyouthfulnfit.com



I'm fresh from the 2017 T-Tapp Retreat and Trainer Certifications where I learned more great tips and new tweaks that helped this turtle combo lose 6 inches—a record for me to lose after a Retreat! I have 20 minute “Mighty Mini” sessions and one hour sessions in my Fabulously Fit Webcam Session Sale.  You can split the one hour session into 2 half hour sessions—and I encourage you to do so because you can get overwhelmed from trying to take in all the form tweaks! 



Fabulously Fit Mighty Mini:   20 minute session for $25!  (Regularly $35)


Fabulously Fit One Hour session (or 2 half hour sessions):  $65 (Regularly $77)



Fabulously Fit Webcam Session Sale will run from August 23 to September 30, 2017.



NOTE: Please forward me your e-mail confirmation receipt when you are ready to schedule your first session.   Sessions are held via Zoom. I will send you the link the day before your scheduled session.



What you will need:   Webcam with microphone, plenty of water, towel, and a notebook and pen.  Great attitude and readiness to learn!



Cancellation Policy:  If you can't make the webcam session, please let me know as soon as possible so we can reschedule.  


RECOMMENDED!  If you are new to online virtual training, I highly recommend you “practice” with a friend before your scheduled session so you can get the most out of your time!

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