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Chair Champions SHORT Seated Classes with Trainer Trisch-- Tappiversary Special!

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$ 35.00
Chair Champions SHORT Seated Classes with Trainer Trisch--  Tappiversary Special!


Ever have times when you just didn't have the energy to get a workout in?


Is your motivation waning?


Maybe it's just hard to squeeze a workout into an already full schedule?



Even on those energy-crunched days, we need to move to pump the lymph and help us feel better!  When I was recovering from a time of extreme fatigue, MORE Chair was my go-to.  Fatigue and low motivation often go hand in hand. But I could talk myself into 10 minutes in a chair!



Whether your issue is time or tiredness, sometimes it's hard to even think of what to do—and then our precious time and energy quickly fades away while we're trying to decide.



Chair Champions to the rescue!



Chair Champions-- FIFTEEN short classes!  ONE class on alignment, ONE class on Activated Kickouts, THREE stretching classes, TEN short classes of approximately 10 minutes each, focusing on 3-4 moves in a chair.  Moves come from various T-Tapp workouts, some from seated workouts, others from standing workouts adapted to do seated. AND a super short BONUS class on seated Hoedowns!


Classes are recorded so you can access them at your convenience—no need to show up at a specific time!


Every class starts with a seated stretch (taken from MORE 1, 2 or 3, MORE 3 Chair streaming workout or TappCore 2) followed by 2-3 moves.  The first rep of each move is slower-paced, instructional style followed by 4 reps done more quickly, but not too fast. 


Yes you CAN get stronger AND smaller while working out in a chair!  I've had clients who have strengthened their core as well as lost inches—sometimes even losing a size—while doing a few moves in a chair!  One T-Tapper recently lost ½  inch off her abs after just FIVE days of these classes!!! Activation and alignment are key—and I'll help you get that in every class.


Stretching, strengthening muscles and cardio—in a chair? Yes we CAN!



It's been 12 years since I started T-Tapp and 7  years since I became a T-Tapp Trainer! So I have some SUPER special “Tappiversary” pricing!



Chair Champions—Access to 10 Short Seated Classes for two months  (Regularly $47)





Tappiversary Special is available through February 28, 2019  You can activate your two-month video class package anytime by July 1, 2019.


Please forward your e-mail confirmation to me at trisch@beyouthfulnfit.com and let me know when you want to start your recorded class package!  You have until July 1, 2019 to use it.



Please also note:  Classes are streaming, not downloads.  You will need to have internet connection to access the classes.  Classes will be available in a membership area at Teachable. I will send info on how to access your classes when you forward me your confirmation.

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