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Black Friday Blowout Consult + Action Plan with Personalized Training & Classes!

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$ 188.00
Black Friday Blowout Consult + Action Plan with Personalized Training & Classes!


  • Dump extra inches and pounds
  • Decrease stress and learn techniques to not only get you through the holidays but life!
  • increase serotonin, enforphins and natural brain/body mood enhancers while having fun!
  • Decrease pain and increase range of motion
  • Experience a variety of one-minute movements, 3-minute to 10-minutes blasting sessions using the T-Tapp method combined with dance

Your host and trainer is WellnessJen, a T-Tapper of 20 years and Master T-Tapp trainer personally trained by Teresa Tapp. Teresa loved T-Tapp and dance and by creating this most powerful combination, Jen lost 15 lbs herself. 

Now it is your turn to experience for yourself while having fun and dumping not only the inches but stress and body fat while increasing our happy hormones with brain and body health!

And the best part - becoming empowered on your wellness journey with real woman and your friend, WellnessJen 

What to expect:

  • First is our 30-minute consult
  • 4 personalized sessions will be sent
  • Next we meet online live for 45-min class and follow-up plan

When: scheduled at your convenience

Live sessions will be scheduled together and recorded sessions sent to you


please provide a valid email for contact instructionsLadies!!!!!! I just did my final measurements and I lost 4 INCHES from my abdomen!!!! I am in shock, I measured several times to be sure. I am so thankful for the timing of this group, and for the motivation before the holidays. It really did pay off to stick with it and do the videos three days in a row. Just a note - I usually did two videos per day (sometimes the same one on repeat), so maybe that’s how the progress was made?
Either way - thank you WellnessJen Kathlyn and the admins, and the whole group for helping to make this happen. You are all appreciated ❤️?¬タヘ♀️❤️
A total of 13.75” lost!!!!!! What?!?!     Hazel

Lost 2 3/4 inches off my abdomen! Hips stayed the same and lost a inch off the ribs and toned the legs up a lot! Still have a long ways to go but super happy with changes I am seeing. The most exciting thing for me is that since I started doing these exercises in the October boot camp around October 15 that I have had zero migraines!! For me that’s a huge thing as I have suffered from debilitating migraines my whole life and in the last two years they got significantly worse. I haven’t gone longer than 5 days without a migraine in over 15 months and I haven’t had one in almost 6 weeks!! Thank you soo much for doing these boot camps I really enjoy them!!!  Marlessa

What goes on with Jen's fun and exciting classes?

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