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Best of 2018 60 Day Challenge Recorded Class Package!

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$ 77.00
Best of 2018 60 Day Challenge Recorded Class Package!
The "official" 60 Day Challenge is over!  But don't let that stop you from continuing your workout habit!  Or the positive results you are getting!
I taught live classes 6 days a week during the 60 days and by the time the Challenge was over, we had over 75 classes recorded!  The results my clients achieved during the Challenge were fabulous!  Tons of inches melted off, aches and pains were either reduced or eliminated, sleep was better, depression and anxiety reduced...  You might have read many of their comments and results on social media!
Movement is such a powerful positive drug.  If you could put it in a pill and patent it, the drug companies would be clamoring for it!!!  Too bad for them you can't.  What you can do is MOVE more.  Moving mindfully with intelligent movement (T-Tapp) IS this powerful positive drug.  And it's available here NOW!
When the Challenge was over, the ladies who were in my Challenge classes suggested putting together a "Best of the 60 Day Challenge Classes" package so they could continue to get their movement in a fun, effective way. 
What a great idea!  I decided to put together this "Best of Challenge" class package and make it available not only to those who participated in these classes as we were doing them...but also to YOU!!!  
75 classes are too many to manage.  Talk about overwhelm!  Which one(s) do you do????
I asked the Ladies who did the classes with me which ones they loved the most.  I also went through them all and picked out my favorites.  Combined them and came up with 20 classes that we know you'll love.
There are 15/30/50 minute classes, floor classes, walking classes...  Lots of variety to keep your body and brain "challenged" and moving forward!  But not so many that you'll get overwhelmed!
Let's keep this Challenge party going....
What do you get?
 Access to 20 different recorded classes.  When you register, you will receive an email with a special link and password to the classes.  You just click the link, enter the password and there you'll find your classes.  You watch these just like you would any youtube video.  No camera or special techie stuff needed.  Just an internet connection and a device to watch the classes on. 
Start right away.  Put together your weekly class schedule and begin!
This package is $77!  That is just $3.85 a class!
I know you are going to not only get great positive results, you are going to love how you feel in your body!!!  This is the promise of "mindful movement"!
Have questions?  Email me at Renee@t-tapp.com.
I have so many wonderful stories of healing from these classes.  
Here are just few I thought you'd find interesting...
"Omg!!!! Thank you so much for the training! I love it!!!!  Your classes are exactly what I needed to be consistent.  I love that they are all different so am never bored"  BI
"Your classes are so much fun!  I love your energy and the way you explain everything helps me follow along."  CJ
"I can't believe how quickly my body has responded to your classes. The pain in my neck and shoulders has practically gone away and it's only been a few days.  I feel like a new woman!"  PW
"Okay...how could I lose 2" off my waist in just 4 classes???"  AG
"Even my feet feel better.  1/5 inches off my thighs ain't bad either!"  MK
"After one week of classes, my husband told me to keep doing what I'm doing.  He couldn't believe the difference in my body and my attitude.  These classes should be mandatory for couples therapy."  DY
"What is there about these classes that have me bouncing out of bed each day?  My energy level is sky-rocketing.  And my sleep is deeper.  Did I mention the 2" off my abs?  I still don't quite get it but I'll take it"  SQ
"When I do your class first thing in the morning, I am so much more productive during the day.  They help me focus so much better"  PY 

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