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Beautiful Basics Video Class Packages with Trainer Trisch— TAPPIVERSARY SPECIAL!

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$ 37.00
Beautiful Basics Video Class Packages with Trainer Trisch—  TAPPIVERSARY SPECIAL!

Beautiful Basics Video Class Packages are sets of the weekly classes and the class call for 11 workouts from my Beautiful YOU online program and you can take advantage of this Tappiversary special! Beginner to advanced will benefit from these classes!


These classes are master class level, but I go over the moves and techniques slowly so even beginners can glean tips to improve form and activation—to get get off to a good start and get even more out your workouts!



What's included in the video class packages?


Two month access to the recorded class videos-- your choice of workout(s)!  Each workout has :


  • 4 Core Focus Classes: Zeroing in on core activation on the floor, seated, standing against a wall and away from a wall


  • 4 Bonus Focus Classes: Breaking down a specific move, incorporating form tips to take your workout up a notch.  These classes are approximately 25-30 minutes with Q&A at the end


  • Video of the Monthly Call: Going over several other moves from the focused workout.  The call is usually an hour with Q&A at the end.  Between the weekly classes and the call I cover most if not all of the moves from each workout!




The classes are set up at a membership site-- I will send access instructions to you to once you e-mail me your order confirmation and tell me which workout you want for your package.  The classes are set to unlock weekly (one Core Focus and one Bonus Focus weekly, with the call midway through) so you can work through it just like we do in our live Beautiful YOU classes, or you can request to get full access right away.  With two months of video access, you can do the classes as often as you want!  You could do a class one day and your workout the next day to help ramp up muscle activation and improve form focus.  Or you could do a class each week, then do extra focus on the featured move as you work through the workout—improving form and core awareness, just like a piano lesson improves piano practice!


Please forward your purchase confirmation e-mail to me at trisch@beyouthfulnfit.com and let me know what workout(s) you want for your video class packages when you are ready to start  your classes.  Please plan to start your 2-month video class package by July 1, 2019.  If you purchase more than one video class package, please plan to start your first package by July 1, 2019.




ELEVEN workouts to choose from for your video class package!


  • Healthy Hormones
  • Brain-Body Fitness Floor
  • MORE 2
  • MORE 3
  • First Step 1 & 2 (digital workout)
  • Fascia Fitness
  • LadyBug
  • Basic Super Set (digital workout)
  • Core Floor


The following 2 packages include 8 “Monday Moves with Trisch” classes which split up the workouts and are straight through with less instruction, but not quite the same pace as the dvd/digital workout:


  • Teresa's Favorite Fascia Stretch on the Floor/Broom Walking Workout
  • MORE




The core IS the primary focus of every class—we often lose it throughout a workout. I will give you tips to keep that core activated and you'll learn form tweaks to optimize muscle activation from the foundation—the core—to maximize results, inside and out!



You won't get feedback since I can't “see” you :) but you WILL learn tips and tweaks that will maximize your muscle activation for optimal results!  You also have e-mail access to me for questions that you may have about the various classes throughout the two month period.



Form focus, Master Level training, access to support—what are you waiting for?!  Let's focus on the Beautiful Basics and get your best FIT on for a FABULOUS start to 2019!




It's been 12 years since I started T-Tapp and 7 years since I became a T-Tapp Trainer!  So I have some SUPER special “Tappiversary” pricing!



8 half hour classes plus the 1 hour class call—two months access, regularly $67—TAPPIVERSARY SPECIAL for $37 each! (Over $200 value!)


Teresa's Favorite Fascia Stretch (TFFS) — 8 half hour classes, 1 hour class call PLUS 8 short Monday Moves with Trisch Classes-- two months access, regularly $97—TAPPIVERSARY SPECIAL for $57 each! (Over $275 value!)


MORE—8 half hour classes, 1 hour class call PLUS 8 short Monday Moves with Trisch Classes-- two months access, regularly $97—TAPPIVERSARY SPECIAL for $57 each! (Over $275 value!)



Tappiversary  Special is only available for purchase through February 28, 2019.  You can activate your one-month video class package anytime by July 1, 2019.


Please note—these video classes are streaming, not downloads.  You will need internet access to access the classes.  Price does not include the dvd or streaming workout purchase.  Classes will be available in a membership area at Teachable.



PLEASE ALSO NOTE—these are not straight through “workout” classes (with the exception of Teresa's Favorite Fascia Stretch/Broom Walking Workout and MORE class packages). I am breaking down moves in an instructional style. You can certainly work out with me and work up quite the sweat! But if you also want to go straight through the workouts, you will need to own or purchase the dvds. You can purchase through me at a discount once you register if you need the dvd for your choice of video class package.



Questions?  E-mail me at trisch@beyouthfulnfit.com 




Here's what class participants have said about my video classes!


“I have benefited greatly from Trisch’s Beautiful You classes, but now that she has the video class option everything has been stepped up! After one of these classes, I just stood there thinking, “mind blown!” This is so exciting! Trisch is gifted at breaking down the moves in the workout so that you can get the most activation out of each move. Being able to see her do it while she explains what she is doing and also do it along with her has taken my workout to all new levels. I’m getting connectivity that I have never had before in 5+ years of T-Tapping! The results are showing in my clothing! I highly recommend the Beautiful You class!”

~Mary Ellen



Trisch's written explanations for the moves are excellent, but the videos take it to a whole other level.  I can see exactly what the moves should look like and the pace that I should be going.  On days when I do the classes, I call those my workout for the day.  My muscles are screaming halfway through the classes.  The best part is that they are recorded and I can do them over and over during the course.  I sometimes watch them while I am cooking or folding laundry and pick up even more tips.

~Sue M. (Never Give Up on the forums)



Trisch has learned the art of teaching T-Tapp by verbal cues alone as she has done audio class calls for Beautiful You classes since fall of 2013. She's also a master at reading her DVD in order to break down each T-Tapp move into the smallest details which she types up into written instructions for her class. These written instructions are amazing as they help you understand what your body is supposed to be doing and all the muscles that are supposed to be activated at each step. So when you take that amazing teaching ability and add video, those of us who need to hear and see to learn can, and it's made it so much easier to practice her Bonus Focus Move for the week with the video recording. I already loved Trisch's classes just as they were, but I can't help but love them more now that she's added live and recorded videos to help us achieve and maintain our results. Thank you Trisch for an amazing job well done!

~Jessi S.

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