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Ready for some new fun and super inch torching moves?  Spring has sprung and May is a great month to shake up your workout a bit and watch the inches melt away!!!  That's why I've put together this new, fun package of classes.  


These classes all use a 9" exercise ball (you can get this at Walmart for about $4 or on amazon.  Search for 9" Bender or pilates ball)  to give you (and your brain) new ways to activate all your muscles.  


I've incorporated this toy into many of my classes and the results have been fabulous!  When you add a toy like the ball, it shakes things up and gives the brain (and BODY) a new challenge.  New Challenges are what creates results! It WORKS!!!!  We've all noticed more definition in our arms, torso, legs and especially the bootie!!!!  


Do you find doing T-Tapp Twist challenging?  Try using the ball!


You will love floor work done with the ball!  It's a fun way to mix it up, with new moves that will challenge the body and create the change you've been looking for!


The ball helps evolve the T-Tapp method, using our favorite moves in new and challenging ways!  


What you get:


(9) Standing workouts 30 - 38 minutes long

(3) Combo classes - standing and floor

(5) Floor Classes 27 - 45 minutes long

(2) walking classes 30 minutes long


That's 22 classes in total with tons of variety, both your old favorites and new moves using the ball and a chair!  




$87 for all 22 classes and you get unlimited access!  So grab a ball and join in the fun!


Trainer: Renee


Here are some reviews of these ball classes:


"I can't believe how much more muscle activation I am getting using the ball.  I am finally getting connected to my lats!!"  Erin P


"Is it possible I have actually lost 5 inches just doing these new ball classes just this week?  That is amazing!"  Cindy C


"I love how we are using what we know and by adding the ball we are able to feel these moves in a whole new way"  Cath S


"The floor work with the ball is rocking my world.  I am finally able to connect with those lower belly muscles.  I'm sore in places I've never been before"  Susie G


"The ball and chair have really been helping me with balance.  It's amazing how pressing the ball is allowing me to balance even on one leg when I could never do it before.  Now when I try those moves without the ball, I can do them."  Jan C

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