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Amazing Activation Tips with Trainer Trisch! TAPPIVERSARY SPECIAL!

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$ 19.00
Amazing Activation Tips with Trainer Trisch!  TAPPIVERSARY SPECIAL!

Confused about the newer tweaks on the T-Tapp stance?  Wondering about “ankle activate”?  Want to break down fascia stretches standing or see what “Amy's Arms” is all about?


You can learn about all three in Amazing Activation Tips-- a video class package of 3 moves/techniques for greater muscle activation Teresa shared at the 2017 T-Tapp Retreat! 



This package includes 3 recorded video classes covering:


  • The T-Tapp Stance, Ankle Activate & Activate Hips
  • Fascia Stretches
  • Jazz Arms/Amy's Arms



These are short classes (longest is 14 minutes) to teach the techniques to help you get even more out of your workouts!  You can get all 3 classes done 30 minutes! These are instructional-style classes like I teach in my Beautiful YOU program.  Use them on off days or use one of the techniques before your workout to improve form and increase fascia activation!



You get access to the video classes for 2 months once you activate it.  Please e-mail your confirmation e-mail to me at trisch@beyouthfulnfit.com  and I will send you instructions on how to access your tips.



Ready to work the fascia and ramp up the muscle activation?!



It's been 12 years since I started T-Tapp and 7 years since I became a T-Tapp Trainer! So I have some SUPER special “Tappiversary” pricing!



Two months access to three instructional-style classes -Regularly $37—Tappiversary  SPECIAL for $19!!!!


Amazing Activation Tips Tappiversary Special is only available for purchase through February 28, 2019.  You can activate your two-month video class package anytime by July 1, 2019.



Please forward your confirmation e-mail to me when you are ready to activate your two-month access.  Classes are streaming, not downloads, so you will need an internet connection. They will be available in a membership area at Teachable.  I will send access information when you are ready to start.


These classes are not workout specific, but the closest workout to what I teach in the classes would be First Step Fascia Fitness.



Trainer: Trisch Richardson

Contact Info:  trisch@beyouthfulnfit.com



Hear what Em T. says about her experience with Amazing Activation Tips!


“The first time I tried the T-Tapp Stance and Butterflies, I was immediately hooked. They felt good right away. I practiced just those two for a while before exploring further. After I saw more T-Tapp videos, bought the book and joined the forum, I started becoming aware that I am unable to follow or understand some cues. I felt as though I am not connecting with or engaging some parts of my body. 


I purchased More Rehab 1/2 then saw Trisch's Activation Tips on sale. I was piqued by the title and descriptions. Later, I realized Trisch was behind both blogs I have been reading about T-Tapp and that she is BlessedMama on the forum. I know how well she chops and explains moves through her writing. She has a way of filling in holes for newbies. But, I still emailed her whether I should watch her Activation Tip as I go through  More 1 Instructionals or after. I definitely do not want be overwhelmed further. Her response was " I would. I think you will feel the activation even more!". She was right!


First session with the videos, I understood better what to do with my toes, foot, calf, ankles, knees, thighs, hips, abs, ribs/chest, and found my lats. Yup, all that. From then on, I viewed her Activation Tips videos often to refresh and get as much as I can from my 1-3 move workouts. A well activated PBS by itself is a stand-alone workout for me in some days, even drenched in sweat. 


Every time I go through the tips  I become better acquainted with a part of my body. I started feeling my quads, later my hamstrings, and now my buns. My form during flat back segments in PBS is improving as I'm able to engage my abs more. I am mindful of my toes, foot arches, ankles and knees which encourages my calves to work more equally, and has reshaped to look more alike after close to 2 months of T-Tapping. I am still trap dominant so I need to make extra effort to feel my lats - broom moves and Amy's Arms has been great for me. The Mitten Chop Fascia Stretch feels good for my back, ribs and abs.


The Activation Tips are my go-to instructionals for good form. In T-Tapp, good form is essential to reap the benefits of the moves carefully designed by Teresa Tapp.”

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