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21-Day Jen's January Jump Start 2020 Live from Florida!

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21-Day Jen's January Jump Start 2020 Live from Florida!

21-Day Jen's January Jump Start 2020 Live from Florida!


Are you ready to get a Jump Start on your health and fitness in 2020?


Ready to strengthen your body,  dump extra holiday inches and release stress and tension?


How would you like increase your energy and vitality and feel empowered?


You are invited to join Master Trainer WellnessJen and a group of amazing women on our wellness T-Tapp Team and experience this all for yourself in 2020 because YOU are WORTH IT!


So... how did a T-Tapper of 20 years and your host, Master T-Tapp Trainer Jen recently lose 20 lbs? 


By experiencing the most powerful combination... the T-Tapp method combined with inch-blasting, anti-aging, stress reducing, brain enhancing and fun T-Tapp with dance!


Your coach WellnessJen is a  T-Tapper of 20 years, Master T-Tapp trainer personally trained by Teresa Tapp, Women's Wellness specialist, real woman who is walking the walk and your friend.


Experience first hand for yourself this community of empowered women all while having fun and dumping not only the inches but stress and body fat while increasing our happy hormones with brain and body health!


And the best part.... becoming empowered on your wellness journey by joining a team of incredible, real women experiencing these real results together!


What to expect:


  • Live sessions are at 8 AM EST and start with beginning movements and progress through advanced movements.
  • You pick how much you do. The session is posted immediately following our live so you can attend your session at anytime that is most convenient.
  • We will maximize results with this schedule!


Movement Session 1: January 13th, 14th, 15th

Movement Session 2: January 16th, 17th, 18th

Rest day: January 19th

Movement Session 3: January 20th, 21st, 22nd

Movement Session 4: January 23rd, 24th, 25th

Propelling Forward & Rest day: January 26th

Movement Session 5: Though the 31st


When: January 13th - 31st


Where: Anywhere that is convenient to you! Live in our Private facebook team group. 


Live sessions: 8 AM EST (the session will be immediately posted afterwords so you can join in at anytime, anyplace)


$88      New Year's Special  $38


please provide a valid email for your pass code and private link and we will see you LIVE from Sunny Florida!

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