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Battle of the Bumps Digital Workout Package

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$ 50.00
Battle of the Bumps Digital Workout Package

Have you been struggling to get the results you want from your Cellulite Removal Technique (CRT) System?  Do you want a workout that helps target what you need for success?  Do you have time sometimes but not always?  Then THIS is the package for YOU!  Included you will find FIVE options for moving lymph, trimming and toning and working in the time you HAVE!


Individual Classes held on the following with the included topic

1-hour Energy Camp Class to move that lymph

1-hour Belly Camp Class to cinch the waist for less cellulite space

1-hour Twist on T-Tapp Class to trim thighs where cellulite lives

25-minute Energy Class when you need to move lymph in less time

5-minute Energy Blast to sneak lymph movement in anytime

Trainer(s) Name:   Kiona Leah

Trainer(s) Contact Info, Email/Phone: 240-893-4388

Package Price:  $50.00

Session/Class Description:  Combination package including three recordings of a live class!  Feel like you were right there! Or enjoy it again if you WERE but want a weekly class.  The Timonium classes put a video camera on Kiona to capture these hour-long treats for all to enjoy!  Cellulite struggles are often tied to sluggish lymph not moving toxins away fast enough…three different lengths of class give you maximum flexibility to keep it moving and get results!  Plus trim and tone some target spots where cellulite loves to live with the other two longer workout class recordings.  You will hear tips, tweaks and personal corrections for students that may apply to you too. 

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