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CRT Skin Tightening System

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$ 69.95
CRT Skin Tightening System


CRT Skin Tightening System DVD ONLY $69.95!

Bonus Items Included:
Finger And Foot Fitness DVD (Retail $19.95)
Healthy Hormones Brain Body Fitness Documentary (Retail $10.00)

This complete system utilizes Teresa Tapp's unique Cellulite RemovalTechniques for fast and effective results.

The CRT Skin Tightening System consists of skin brushing with a particular body brush in a sequential pattern to stimulate the lymphatic system and help to break up the clumps of fat (cellulite) underneath the skin. Instead of skin creams, body-wraps, or elaborate machines that provide expensive, yet temporary results, the CRT Skin Tightening System works from within. The body eliminates the cellulite and tightens the skin naturally! This technique also works wonders for those who have lost a considerable amount of weight or for new mothers looking to tighten up excess loose skin. The CRT Skin Tightening System combines supplementation with body brushing and takes less than 10 minutes a day to complete! 

T-Tapp's special body brushing program along with premium nutritional support is designed to help your body, help itself, inside and out. Not only will it help your skin tighten and tone, control of cellulite becomes possible! Teresa's special pattern of body brushing "exercises" your skin, accelerates your body's ability to release toxins and improves your metabolism. Great for those with auto-immune disorders, CRT body brushing promotes healthy tissue with less inflammation. The DVD that shows you how to body brush also includes 3 unique exercises that can help you target trim inches away and decrease cellulite: Diva Derriere, Pretzel Twist, and In & Outs.

This system includes:

CRT Body Brush: All natural plant fiber bristle brush.

CRT Brushing Sequence Brochure: Outlines the special body brushing sequence step by step. Great for travel!
CRT Supreme Body Brushing DVD: Teaches Teresa Tapp's special brushing sequence step by step with detailed instruction. Also includes the exercises Diva Derriere, Pretzel Twist, and In & Outs to pump the lymphatic system, eliminate toxins and target cellulite areas.
Premium Blended Alfalfa: A one-month supply of this all natural supplement in capsule form. Pure alfalfa, which is a plant protein and high in many vitamins and minerals, helps to tighten the skin, produce a collagen layer and aid in getting rid of water retention. This product is truly pure with no other ingredients or fillers.
Fibertox: A one-month supply of this all natural supplement, capsule form. This is a formulation of fiber and herbs that helps to get the toxins out of the body. Ingredients: Psyllium, Licorice Extract, Hibiscus, Okra, Aloe Extract and Senna Extract.

Finger And Foot FItness DVD: Finger & Foot Fitness is a Master Level Educational Clinic filmed at a Safety Harbor Fitness Retreat which educates and demonstrates several movements for fingers and feet to help improve flexibility, lessen pain and decrease inflammation. Maintaining optimal function of fingers and feet is not only important for lymphatic function but also help your body lose weight easier and get fit faster. This DVD also has a special menu that allows you to choose exercises individually from both Finger Fitness and Foot Fitness sections. - 71 Minutes

Healthy Hormones Brain-Body Fitness Documentary DVDWant to see the Healthy Hormones Brain-Body Fitness Documentary, but there are no show times in your area?  Enjoy the FULL Public Television Documentary, featuring a special 10-minute sequence of exercises from Senior Fit.  

The Healthy Hormones Brain-Body Fitness Program explains the connection between physical fitness, brain fitness and balanced hormones. This hour-long program features internationally known fitness expert and muscle activation specialist Teresa Tapp, along with the country's leading thyroid patient advocate, Mary Shomon. "Our hormones control everything in our bodies -- sleep, body temperature, hunger, stamina -- but when we stop moving, it affects our hormones, especially when we hit the big 4-0!" says Tapp, "The key to rebuilding our health and turning back time is to use our muscles...and T-Tapp provides a safe, efficient, and fast way to help bring hormones back to balance.

Viewers will see how easy it is to just start moving and quickly it will make a difference. They'll also see that my unusual way of doing each movement exercises the entire muscle fiber, so you can quickly get long, lean, fit muscles -- no matter how old you are!"


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