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Bulgarian Lavender Essential Oil

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Bulgarian Lavender Essential Oil

Bulgarian Lavender Essential Oil
1/2 ounce

Bulgarian Lavender Essential Oil is the purest quality essential oil that can be applied directly to skin, even the face. Extra, high quality Bulgarian Lavender is not commonly found in the United States; it is primarily grown and used in Europe to beautify the skin.

Some benefits and uses of Bulgarian Lavender Essential Oil are as follows:

This special oil helps relieve tension in facial muscles to help prevent tension “wrinkles” and is great for rosacea and for healing skin.

Apply directly to sunburned skin or mix with clear aloe gel.

Apply directly to burns and bruises for accelerated healing and prevention of scarring.

Great for dark pigmentation because the burn will not result in a lighter pigmentation.

Use a few drops in a dead sea mineral salt soak to help with relaxation and decreasing muscular tension.

Even helps to heal blemishes on the skin from acne!

Bulgarian Lavender Essential Oil can be used with the Skin Saver Face just mix together and apply.

Apply on cuticles to promote healthy nail growth.

To help relieve tension you can put a couple drops of oil within an aromatherapy diffuser or if you don’t have a diffuser you can even rub some oil on a lamp ring (the ring above the light bulb in a lamp) and the heat will circulate the scent throughout that area of your home.

Add a few drops to distilled water and mist over pillows and sheets – you will be amazed at how great you sleep!

Lavender is also great for relieving headaches (just rub in circular motion on temples), stress and even has been noted to help with depression.

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