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Pregnancy Fit Instructional (1 hour 15 min) Download

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Pregnancy Fit Instructional (1 hour 15 min) Download

Ready to get fit, strong and healthy for your pregnancy?

Pregnancy Fit was developed by exercise physiologist Teresa Tapp to benefit pregnant and postpartum women in many ways! Here’s what to expect when using the T-Tapp method!

  • ● Build strong, lean muscles without bulk- no equipment required
  • ● Safely strengthen the core and prepare the pelvic floor muscles for birth
  • ● Pump the lymphatic system, boost circulation and eliminate swelling
  • ● Enjoy a cardiovascular workout without any running or jumping
  • ● Maintain healthy blood sugar levels
  • ● Boost energy and mood throughout pregnancy
  • ● Rebuild the core safely and effectively in the postpartum period

This is a very detailed instructional class detailing all the moves. 

Whether you are currently expecting, just gave birth to your baby, or are trying to get fit for pregnancy, this workout was developed with the ever-changing female body in mind. Pregnancy doesn’t have to be miserable! With the T-Tapp method, you can feel better than ever as you prepare to meet your little one!

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