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Maxi-Max Extreme Workout Floor Only (51 Min) Download

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$ 12.00
Maxi-Max Extreme Workout Floor Only (51 Min) Download

Every year, Teresa closed our Fitness Retreats with a grand finale workout that contains everything she's taught throughout the four-day Retreat -- all the insider tips, the hints to make each move more effective, the tweaks and turns that take each move to the extreme. For the first time ever, you can get all the intensity of a full Retreat on one workout with the new Maxi Max Extreme!

This 150-minute advanced level workout takes everything about T-Tapp to max intensity and since it was filmed during the 2007 Fitness Retreat, you'll feel like you’re actually in the room with Teresa! Hard core T-Tappers have been asking for a workout this intense for years, and Teresa has finally produced an all-in-one workout that will truly test your T-Tapp mettle.

Maxi Max Extreme is not for T-Tapp novices - you should be proficient in Total Workout, Hit the Floor and/or the Ladybug Floor sequence before attempting this "endurance" workout. Perfect for personal boot camps or a model blitz, this truly is the last Maxi workout you'll ever want or need!

This is the Floor only portion!  51 minutes!

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