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Ladybug Workout Standing (46 Min) Download

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Ladybug Workout Standing  (46 Min) Download

The Ladybug Workout is designed to help females build better hormonal balance, glucose control, and mental clarity for easier menopause management and less PMS. The upper body standing sequence is a variation of the Total Workout and Tempo Series and the lower body floor sequence is a variation of Hit the Floor. The Ladybug Combo (Standing + Floor) is a variation of the Maxi Max Series.

Each exercise is tweaked to increase neuro-kinetic and lymphatic flow, so your body can establish better balance between glucose, insulin, and estrogen, increase metabolic function, decrease inflammation, eliminate stored toxins and accelerate your body's ability to cinch in from rib to hip. This workout not only increases metabolic processing for better carbohydrate conversion (energy instead of fat), but also empowers your body to target and tone the stubborn "ladybug" area (thicker waist, torso, abdomen, back and butt) that seems to spread during menopause due to neuro-kinetic atrophy and sluggish lymph flow. This workout works well for all ages, all body types and all fitness levels. The Ladybug Workout contains new T-Tapp movements never before filmed and best of all, enables YOU to regain control and prevent or lose hormonal weight gain, achieve inch loss where you want it and create a body in proportion with better balance inside and out.

*It is recommended that you are familiar with the Total Workout to purchase this item.

This is just the standing portion and is 46 minutes long!

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