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Debulk Sequences Crab Claw Only (17 Min) Download

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Debulk Sequences Crab Claw Only (17 Min) Download

A T-Tapp Variety Workout that can be used by both beginners or those already familiar with other T-Tapp workouts. 

Crab Claw Sequence is designed to target trim upper, inner and outer thigh "pudge" while leaning out excess bulk.

Also included is Ladybugs Instruction and three featured variations of Extended Linear Stretching from popular, advanced Variety Workouts. It is highly recommend to be familiar with Organs in Place/Half Frogs Sequence featured in the DVD in the back of the book, Fit and Fabulous in 15 Minutes.

Extended Linear Stretch exercise is designed to lean out excess bulk, as well as burn residual fat. This exercise can be done once or twice a day, even on days you do other T-Tapp workouts to help your muscles achieve greater flexibility, improve muscle imbalance and lengthen short muscle fibers. This is sure to be a favorite for anyone who has less flexibility or muscle imbalance in their hamstring, hip or gluteal muscles. It is also great for those who tend to develop shorter thicker muscle fibers in their quads from weight training, sprinting or due to body type. Extended Linear Stretch exercise can be done any time of day as a stand-alone exercise, as well as before or after your favorite workout. Each variation will create a unique challenge to muscle fiber activation, so make sure to rotate these variations and don’t always do the same one.

Any and all of these exercises and/or sequences allows for customization per person's needs. These sequences are to be considered an add-on to your regular workout schedule and not a full workout. This workout is designed for daily use.


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