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$ 60.00
Tempo Series Bundle

Tempo 2
2 Workouts

This DVD features two workouts for the price of one: Tempo 8 and Tempo 10:
1. Tempo 8 (49 minutes) is the Total Workout done without any instruction at a smooth, steady pace. This workout is a bit more challenging than the Total Workout Beginner/Rehabilitation Level, even though repetitions remain at 8, Teresa takes the form up to the next level. Tempo 8 is a great workout for all fitness levels!

2. Tempo 10 (58 minutes) is the Total Workout with 10 repetitions done at a smooth, steady pace without instruction, which enables the ability to hold isometric isolation for better form and also increases cardio output. This workout includes form tips for maximizing results with all T-Tapp workouts.

Tempo Arms 
29 minutes

Tempo Arms is done at a smooth, slow tempo for better isometric isolations and optimal results. Although a full body workout, extra emphasis is placed on the deltoids, biceps, triceps, and latissimus dorsi muscles. This workout features the exercises Butterflies and Triceps Curls, plus 4 more new arm exercises!

Tempo Lower Body
60 minute workout (30 Standing/30 Floor)

Tempo Lower Body is a full body workout that combines movements from the Total Workout and Hit the Floor, plus exercises Awesome Legs, Pretzel Twist and Diva Derriere to target trouble zones from waist-to-knee, especially inner and outer thighs, hip pads and butt. This workout is very comprehensive and includes a separate section with form tips to teach you how to maximize any floor workout. 

Tempo Torso
31 minutes

Tempo Torso is another challenging workout done at a smooth and slow tempo. Tempo Torso delivers concentrated muscle movement to help cinch in the torso and burn back fat. This workout features the exercises Advanced Hoe Downs and Eye of the Tiger with a special bonus Target Pop instructional section for Eye of the Tiger. The sequence of movements in this workout takes "core development" to a whole new level! 

*It is recommended that you are familiar with the Total Workout to purchase these items.

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