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Fit And Fabulous Basic Workout Plus Set

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$ 39.95
Fit And Fabulous Basic Workout Plus Set


Fit And Fabulous in 15 Minutes Book and the Basic Workout Plus Set:

Retail Value Over $125.00 also includes bonus workouts:
Barefoot Basic Workout DVD (Retail $29.95)
Basic Plus Tempo Workout DVD (Retail $29.95)
Healthy Hormones Brain-Body Fitness Documentary DVD (Retail $10.00)
Intro To T-Tapp - More Than A Workout Seminar DVD (Retail $10.00)
Whitebrite Teeth Whitener (Retail $19.95)
Digest Plus Digestive Enzymes (Retail $49.95)
Immune Boost Sublingual Liquid (Retail $19.95)

Great as a warm up or as a stand alone workout, Basic Workout Plus delivers inch loss as well as improved health/wellness.  Basic Workout Plus is the first half of the Total Workout plus the exercise Hoe Downs, which is the 3-minute sugar blasting move that drops glucose 62-85 points. Basic Workout Plus proves that less is more with T-Tapp.  Learn the basic T-Tapp techniques that make any workout more effective!  Basic Workout Plus is also shown in Chapter 4 of the book Fit and Fabulous in 15 Minutes.

The  Basic Workout Plus includes 1 DVD containing these 2 workouts:

  • Instructional Workout #1teaches how to do each exercise step by step with detailed instruction.
  • 15-Minute Basic Workout Plus: includes all of the movements from Instructional Workout #1 done without instruction at the regular pace, plus the exercise Hoe Downs.

 Barefoot Basic Plus Workout DVD: This DVD includes three workouts in one: 1. Barefoot Basic Plus Workout + Instruction: 45 minutes, 2. Barefoot Basic Plus Workout Only: 30 minutes, 3. Hoe Down Showdown 55: 45 minutes.  Although it is highly recommended to wear shoes while learning the Total Workout or doing any T-Tapp exercise that involves balance, this clinic workout teaches the primary principles of how to maximize muscle activation and safely do the Basic Workout Plus without shoes.  Application of these techniques can also be done while wearing shoes to increase intensity and effectiveness of ANY workout you do!  (Retail $29.95)

Basic Plus Tempo Workout DVD:  In Basic Plus Tempo - Level 2, Teresa Tapp becomes your personal trainer. From her home to yours, she teaches the 15 Minute Basic Workout Plus routine straight through without instruction at a smooth steady tempo for a total 18 minute routine. Great as a standalone workout or as a warm up to any workout of your choice.  The difference between Basic Plus Tempo - Level 2 and the 15 Minute Basic Workout Plus is that this DVD includes the newest muscle activation techniques to increase results, plus a special menu that allows you to choose each exercise individually for practice or to target your areas of concern.  (Retail $29.95)

Healthy Hormones Brain-Body Fitness Documentary DVD: Want to see the Healthy Hormones Brain Body Fitness Documentary, but there are no show times in your area?  Enjoy the FULL Public Television Documentary, featuring a special 10-minute sequence of exercises from Senior Fit.  

The Healthy Hormones Brain-Body Fitness Program explains the connection between physical fitness, brain fitness and balanced hormones. This hour-long program features internationally known fitness expert and muscle activation specialist Teresa Tapp, along with the country's leading thyroid patient advocate, Mary Shomon. "Our hormones control everything in our bodies -- sleep, body temperature, hunger, stamina -- but when we stop moving, it affects our hormones, especially when we hit the big 4-0!" says Tapp, "The key to rebuilding our health and turning back time is to use our muscles...and T-Tapp provides a safe, efficient, and fast way to help bring hormones back to balance.

Viewers will see how easy it is to just start moving and quickly it will make a difference. They'll also see that my unusual way of doing each movement exercises the entire muscle fiber, so you can quickly get long, lean, fit muscles -- no matter how old you are!"

Intro To T-Tapp More Than A Workout Seminar DVD: During this 90 minute DVD seminar, Teresa explains how and why her T-Tapp Method of muscle and fascia activation is so effective with only one set of 8 repetitions or less and how T-Tapp Workouts progressively improve strength, flexibility, aerobic fitness and bone density without equipment or impact.

In addition to teaching several T-Tapp Exercises, Teresa also shows how to increase muscle activation during regular activity throughout the day, even while sitting or standing in line. Understanding the importance of body alignment and how to create full fiber muscle activation in every move you make is the secret to success!

Educational and motivational, this seminar gives enough information to discover the T-Tapp difference and how it IS possible to lose over 100lbs. without saggy skin, reshape the body, improve hormone balance, increase energy and decrease pain, as well as inflammation.

Yes You Can! With T-Tapp everyone can look, feel, and function better within weeks and for the rest of their life!

WhiteBrite Teeth Whitener:  Helps to whiten teeth and freshen breath. Reverse nicotine, coffee, tea, and red wine stains within 1 week just by spraying 2 times a day. This convenient purse size teeth whitener works to remove external tooth discoloration and leaves the mouth feeling fresh. All while killing germs on contact... a plus during the cold and flu season. Safe for veneers, braces, partials, dentures, and bonding, plus does not remove tooth enamel! WhiteBrite contains Carbopol - an ingredient that protects your gums so they don't become inflamed or sensitive to cold or heat like other teeth whitening products.

Digest Plus:  Digest Plus is a powerful, proprietary blend of systemic and digestive enzymes created to help optimize absorption of vital minerals, support digestive imbalances, and increase your overall health.  This high-potency, powerful combination of enzymes may relieve you of gas, bloating, abdominal pain, heartburn, elimination, odor, and other related discomforts.

Immune Boost:  This special formula aids the body to help prevent a cold and/or shorten the duration of a cold.


  • How To Guidelines booklet
  • God Made/Man Made Dietary Program brochure
  • Additional Tips for Optimal Results brochure
  • Unlimited Free Tech Support


Fit and Fabulous in 15 Minutes 
Paperback Book

Less is more, even in exercise!  In her book Fit and Fabulous in 15 Minutes, Teresa Tapp reveals her signature T-Tapp Workout and teaches you how to "use your body as a machine" so you can lose inches quickly, build bone density, and condition your heart, all with only 8 repetitions and no equipment.

Motivational and educational, this book teaches you how to help your body help itself - look better, feel better and stay fit forever.  Perfect as a reference manual this book also teaches you how to lose without dieting.

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