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***Total Workout is featured in Chapters 4 and 5 of Teresa's book Fit and Fabulous in 15 Minutes***

 T-Tapp Total Workout DVD only $59.95  (retail $79.95 - $20.00 off)!

Retail Value Over $189.00 and Bonus Items for FREE: 

Barefoot Basic Workout DVD ($29.95) 
Basic Plus Tempo Workout DVD ($29.95)
Warm Up Workout #1 DVD (Retail $24.95)
Yes You Can Seminar (Retail $19.95)

ABC TV in Philadelphia called the T-Tapp Total Workout "The Workout that Works" for all ages and fitness levels. This total body workout has a special sequence of comprehensive, compound muscle movements that use isometric linear alignment along with lymphatic pumping to deliver higher aerobic, strength, flexibility and body sculpting - as well as rehabilitative benefits to shoulders, back, hips and knees.  Inches drop quickly since muscles are developed with density, not bulk, to cinch-in, uplift, tighten and tone.  The Total Workoutalso teaches how to increase intensity without adding weights or repetitions so you can always challenge your body and get results with only one set of 8 repetitions.  Less IS more with T-Tapp!  The Total Workout delivers a full body program that not only builds a better body with optimal fitness and wellness, but helps you keep it for the rest of your life.  The Total Workout is the entire workout featured in the book Fit and Fabulous in 15 Minutes.


The T-Tapp Total Workout includes:

Instructional Workout #1teaches how to do each exercise step by step with detailed instruction. 

15-Minute Basic Workout Plus: includes all of the movements from Instructional Workout #1 done without instruction at the regular pace, plus the exercise Hoe Downs.

Instructional Workout #2: teaches how to do each exercise in the second half step by step with detailed instruction.

55-Minute Total Workout: includes all of the movements from both Instructional Workout #1 and Instructional Workout #2 done without instruction at the regular pace.


BONUS Barefoot Basic Plus Workout DVD:   This DVD includes three workouts in one:  1. Barefoot Basic Plus Workout + Instruction: 45 minutes, 2. Barefoot Basic Plus Workout Only: 30 minutes,    3. Hoe Down Showdown 55: 45 minutes.  Although it is highly recommended to wear shoes while learning the Total Workout or doing any T-Tapp exercise that involves balance, this clinic workout teaches the primary principles of how to maximize muscle activation and safely do the Basic Workout Plus without shoes.  Application of these techniques can also be done while wearing shoes to increase intensity and effectiveness of ANY workout you do!  (Retail $29.95)

BONUS Basic Plus Tempo Workout DVD:  Teresa Tapp becomes your personal trainer. From her home to yours, she teaches the 15 Minute Basic Workout Plus routine straight through without instruction at a smooth steady tempo for a total 18 minute routine. Great as a standalone workout or as a warm up to any workout of your choice.   (Retail $29.95)

BONUS Warm Up Workout #1 DVD:  This DVD features two warm-up workouts designed to improve body alignment, muscle balance and metabolic function. Warm Up Workouts are just what you need to start off your day right. These workouts set you up for a day of alignment and energy, especially great for those who wake up sore in the mornings. Standing warm up (26 minutes) and floor section (33 minutes). The floor workout also features leverage isometric instruction and new moves to master!

BONUS Yes You Can Seminar DVD:  This 90-minute educational seminar is very informative and motivational. Teresa explains why she developed T-Tapp, how to apply T-Tapp Techniques with daily activity and teaches several T-Tapp exercises. It's a great way to share with friends and family when they ask "What is T-Tapp?" (Retail Value $19.95)



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God Made/Man Made Dietary Program brochure

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I started this workout with my Mom (age 52) just to be a support to her. I walked away from the first instructional standing straighter then I've ever stood before. It complete transformed my posture! It's almost like Teresa taught me how to stand up straight for the first time in my life. This workout has transformed my body. I have definition in my arms that I've never had before, and my buns are the smallest they have been since puberty. I LOVE this workout! Age 30, size 4! (after three children).

Challenging For The Experienced
I wanted to let those who are experienced regular excersises who may be thinking this way of training the body is too easy...not so! I've been training regularly my entire life and am challenged daily with this program. T-Tapp is the missing piece to my fitness program AND I'm finally getting the changes I've been after!

A Life Changer
Not a quick fix, it takes effort. But I lost 13 inches in 3 weeks doing the total workout. Blood pressure down to normal or low from extreamly high. Blood sugar under control with diet and this workout. I have never felt stronger. Can't wait to see results after 6 month!!! It works. My body is changing and getting strong and I'm 50. My adult children watched the transformation and now all of them are doing the workout!

Excellent workout!!!!
I purchased T-tapp workouts with apprehension, but I was desperate. I used to be a fitness instructor, but fibromyalgia, sports injuries, meds, and other factors contributed to my weight gain and inability to perform high intensity/impact workouts. A friend told me about T-tapp. I didn't get great inch loss with Basic Workout, but my pain decreased and my back aligned. So I got the Total Workout. I am reviewing this product today as I completed the Intermediate Tempo DVD included in this set. I have never done a workout that causes you to drip buckets of sweat by adding just 2 repetitions!!!! I am getting my shape back minus the pain, and getting that same feeling of doing a great workout that is easy on the joints! It was well worth the money with all the info included in the kit!

Great Deal
My Mom has my basic plus, so with my tax return I treated myself to the total workout dvd. I had the vhs already, but was ready for an upgrade. Already love the total workout, and was amazed by all the free dvd's I got with the February Specials. I like the Tempo workouts, but Basic Barefoot is my favorite, awesome workout and it's like being at a T-Tapp retreat, which I can't imagine getting to for real anytime soon. Thanks Theresa for a very generous offer!

I first learned about T Tapp in Jan 2011 from Menopause Thyroid Book. Ordered the book and total workout and it arrived just in time for my vacation. The first three days I just work on learning the primary back stretch even if I could not complete the whole stretch. Throughout those days I keep returning to the video because I wanted to learn this stretch before proceeding to the rest. Something happened maybe on the 3rd or 4th day. I rested from the PBS while watching the rest of Basic plus and I felt so good. Kind of feeling high and relax without any care in the world. I knew that it was release of endorphins. This sense of well being was prolonged and it energized me enough to proceed to learn the rest of the basic plus. I get rewarded with this "high and relax feeling" even if I did not complete the workout (I was on instructional phase). At the time of this review I can do the basic plus (I started the instructional on the 15th of Jan and this review is written on 24th Jan) and continue to be rewarded with energy and a sense of relaxed state of being . I have heard of runner's high. Could I be experiencing a T Tapp high?

Great starter rehab
Doing the 55 min workout for over a month now and I am totally addicted. I feel great and energized. Just bought the Hit the Floor series! Can`t wait! This is a fantastic rehab for all those years of neglect on my body.

This workout is just wonderful,i ordered it on vhs a year ago and actually just ordered it on dvd.I have always had trouble maintaining my weight,but with this i have toned up and have stayed at my desired weight and on top of it all i feel great!

Baby Steps
I just started T-Tapp 2 weeks ago and already feel stronger and have more energy. I need to tighten up, tone and lose about 5 pounds but at 62 and having fibromyalgia I am finally excited to feel that it is something I can do without injury or total fatigue. Thanks so much. I look forward to progressing and feeling great!

Finally, I have a product that works
I recently got started on T-Tapp and I could not be happier. I do have plenty of weight to lose and have started many exercise programs but have had to stop because of an old knee injury. As you can imagine, this was very disappointing because I have plenty of energy, but have had to stop to wait for my knee to get better. Not with T-Tapp. I already feel stronger and look forward to my new body. I am already losing inches!!!

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