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Pyruvyl Glycine

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Pyruvyl Glycine Spray
2 ounce (one month supply)

Burn 48% more fat, lose 47% more weight, and offset those simple carbs (even without exercise) by using T-Tapp's Pyruvyl Glycine!  This proprietary formula contains over 27 years of clinical research showing that pyruvyl-glycine is up to 200% more effective than regular pyruvate.  Maximize your workout with endurance and fat loss by boosting your body's Krebs cycle.  Pyruvyl Glycine does not stimulate the nervous system or increase heart rate or blood pressure at all.  Flavored with natural raspberry, you can use all day!  All ingredients are 100% natural and non-toxic.  Pyruvyl Glycine is great during the holiday season to burn off those extra holiday party calories!

Niacin, B6 (Pyridoxine), Pyruvyl-Glycine Complex, Cornsilk, Parsley, Uva Ursi, HCA (Hydroxycitric Acid), L-Carnitine, Ascorbate, Choline, Chromium Citrate (Cr3+).  In a base of: deionized water and natural raspberry flavoring preservative.

Directions:  Spray directly into the mouth.  Serving size is 12 sprays per day.

PG Spray Works!
I used PG Spray recently before a run and I decreased my time by ONE WHOLE minute! I was floored, as I have used PG Spray at work, but never before a run, well it will become a permanent part of my runs from this day forward!

interesting mixed results
I'd like to know more about others experiences with this product. 1. It definitely did help my workouts, they easily improved 20% in my ability to have energy. 2. I have not noticed any increased fat burning. 3. I do seem to have a different body smell, not a good one from taking it. 4. I seem to sleep a lot after I've taken it all day (12 sprays)--this is kindof nice to go from my normal 7 hours of sleep to sleeping 9 or 10 hours, but it still is weird to me, and makes me wonder if this is really a good thing 5. I've got little bits of acne I never used to have.
I don't know are these side effects normal? Are they good? Am I simply detoxing something deep in my body? I just have no idea and haven't had success in researching more about the product.

Best thing to get you through the ENTIRE workout!
The PG spray is everything that it claims to be. I started doing the Total Body Workout almost two years ago, and I had a difficult time getting through it. I couldn't believe it because I was very fit. I did aerobic workouts every day, and weight training at least 3-4 times per week.

Then I tried the PG spray. I can't beleive the difference it makes! For the first time, I wasn't panting near the end of the session, with my muscles feeling so weak that I didn't want to stand up.

If you are skeptical, try one bottle to see how it works. I'm now doing the Intermediate Tempo 2 Workout with no difficulty (and yes, still seeing those results!).

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