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BONUS:  Healthy Hormones: Brain-Body Fitness Documentary DVD (Retail $24.95)

Less is more, even in exercise!  In her book Fit and Fabulous in 15 Minutes, Teresa Tapp reveals her signature T-Tapp Workout, and teaches you how to "use your body as a machine so you can lose inches quick, build bone density, and condition your heart, all with only 8 repetitions and no equipment.

Motivational and educational, this book teaches you how to help your body help itself - look better, feel better and stay fit forever.  Perfect as a reference manual this book also teaches you how to lose without dieting.

Each book includes a free DVD with 3 bonus exercises (Hoe Downs, Advanced Hoe Downs and Organs In Place/Half Frogs Sequence), plus a 30% coupon for a T-Tapp purchase!

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Must Have Tool For T-Tapp
This book really helps you get the whys and hows of T-Tapp. I read it before I began T-tapping and love to refer back to it as I go to help improve my form so that I can get the most out of this amazing gift called T-Tapp!

Worth every cent!
I love this book. It is worth every penny! The T-Tapp workout takes the intimidation out of working out. Seriously, anyone can do it. This book does a great job of providing clear steps for slow learners, like myself, who need to read and reread every movement until you get it down. Great stuff!

Do It Right!
If you want to get maximum results for your effort, this book is essential. It helps you understand the why, what and how of T-Tapping.
It's an essential reference book for fine-tuning your workout. Refer to it often!

Read it, live it!

Best workout book on the Market!
I love this book. Teresas no nonsense attitude about food & less is more with her workout. Kicks butt over other routines. I believe everyone should own a copy of this book. It's very detailed. If your already doing her workouts this will take you to the next level. I read it over all the time.

Most Comprehensive Workout Book I've Ever Bought!
This is a wonderful book that gives you great background on Teresa and how she came to be who she is today. The photographs of the moves are some of the best I've seen, and the periodic "Form Check" photos, which show how you're NOT supposed to perform a move, are great. It's obvious that a lot of thought and care went into this book; you really should take a look at it.

I bought it completely unaware that there is a free DVD in the back of it with the Organs In Place/Half Frogs/Elevators techniques for a flat tummy. These quick moves alone helped strengthen my groin muscles which were injured repeatedly in horseback riding incidents (I ride the jumpers) and I am no longer plagued by that soreness in the groin muscle area every time I lift my leg. Thanks, Teresa!!

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