CRT Skin Tightening Body Brush



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Minimum quantity for "CRT Skin Tightening Body Brush" is 1.

One all natural body brush with stiff plant fibers to allow optimal stimulation of skin to help with exfoliation, detoxification, and improving circulation as well as "exercising" the skin.  Good wet/excellent dry.  

This product is for 1 replacement CRT Body Brush.  Instructions for body brushing not included in this product. Special instructions can be learned when purchasing the CRT Skin Tightening System.

So Soft Skin!
I don't know if my skin is tighter or not, but I won't give up using my body brush because my skin is so incredibly soft now! I HIGHLY recommend it!

Body brushing at its best!
I absolutely adore this brush. I use it once or twice a day, and I have 'brushing snacks' throughout the day too! I love it. It feels amazing on my skin and makes my skin feel amazing to the touch! Not only has it improved my skin's quality it has also given me firmer skin, less cellulite and no more lizard legs!!!
I couldn't live without it!!

I have been doing this for 3 weeks now, and definitely see and feel a difference. It feels sooo good! It hurt the first few times, but at the same time I knew it was doing good, so I kept at it. Within 3 days, I was addicted!!! I look forward to doing the brushing every morning, using the T-Tapp brush technique. It wakes me up, gives my skin a great glow and my legs have never looked better! LOVE IT!!!!

I never thought my skin could look and feel like this again!!
I am a total convert and addict to my brush. I got the brush and supplements a few months ago and I was religious about brushing and taking the Alfalfa and Fibertox. I was amazed after a week at how my skin was changing...now, I don't ever miss a day of brushing even though I am no longer taking the supplements my skin continues to look like it did 10 or maybe even 20 years ago.

Wake Up Your Skin!
I started brushing about a month ago and had to work up to dry brushing by using it in the shower a few times. It gets my heart rate up somewhat following the brisk brushing pattern, so that's a little bonus. The bristles are all-natural vegetable fiber and my cats absolutely love to try to gnaw on it, so I keep it put away when not in use! I can definitely tell a difference on my arms. I have a longer way to go on my thighs, but I think they are showing improvement also.

My husband thinks it looks like I'm currying a horse and winces when he sees me dry-brushing, but he does like my smooth, glowing skin!

Using it for years!
I use this brush every day in the shower. It does make a difference in the tightness of your skin. A new brush is VERY invigorating (you may want to go a bit light handed). I use this in place of a wash cloth and I follow the brushing techniques that Theresa teaches.

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