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Try Before You Buy

By utilizing articles and videos you can download from our web site you can actually try out some of the T-Tapp exercises before you decide to purchase. The following information can be used to put your own free trial together. In addition, you can read what others are saying about the T-Tapp Workout in our Success Stories section and in the T-Tapp Forums.

Exercises available on T-Tapp.com

The T-Tapp Secret for a Flat Stomach
This article includes the Organs in Place/Half Frog Sequence exercise, which is also featured on the Fit and Fabulous in 15 Minutes book DVD, Hit the Floor Series and Tempo Lower Body.

Awesome Legs Workout
Featured on Hit the Floor Harder and Tempo Lower Body

Diva Derriere The T-Tapp Way
Featured on Tempo Lower Body

Spot Reduction for a Trim Torso and Long, Lean Arms

Featured on Basic Workout Plus and Total Workout.  Advanced Hoe Downs are featured on Ladybug Workout.

Check out more in the Articles section.

T-Tapp Hoe Downs: 3 minutes of carb busting

T-Tapp Videos available for download
Note: you will need Microsoft Windows Media Player to view the videos.

Download the videos below by clicking on the link.
Arms Sequence - Trim and Tone Arms Without Weights
(Featured on the Total Workout)

Balance Sequence - Build a Strong Core with T-Tapp
(Featured on the Total Workout)

Hoe Downs - The 3-Minute Carbohydrate Buster Movement
(Featured on the Basic Workout Plus and Total Workout)

T-Tapp Lunges - Slim Legs and Uplift Buns with T-Tapp Technique
(Featured on the Total Workout)

T-Tapp Plies/Squats - Target the Lower Body with T-Tapp Technique
(Featured on the Basic Workout Plus and Total Workout)

Pretzel Twist - Slims Hips, Thighs, and Buns
(Featured on Tempo Lower Body)

Thread the Needle - Waist to Knee Spot Reduction
(Featured on the Total Workout)

T-Tapp Twist - Trims Torso, Slims Waist, and Strengthens Spine
(Featured on the Basic Workout Plus and Total Workout)

Sit Down T-Tapp (on Amazon.com - scroll down the page to view video)

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